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Customer Experience

Elevating Customer Experience for Cannabis Businesses

04.03.20234 min read

Since launching Salve, we've witnessed how necessary customer experience is for retention and loyalty. Often dispensaries will monitor forums for public sentiments, and the feedback they're getting isn't just about the bud. Cannabis customers are becoming increasingly discerning about their entire experience, from wait times to product availability, customer support responsiveness, and more.

A dispensary's success depends on return customers – and customers know it. 2022 was a challenging year for the cannabis industry as business owners faced an economic downturn. Despite this, the industry continues to grow as more and more states legalize cannabis on both recreational and medicinal levels. As a result, competition is increasing, and dispensaries are searching for ways to distinguish themselves from the competition. With economic uncertainty and an increasingly saturated market, now is a good time for cannabis business owners to stand out by offering more in the way of a superior Customer Experience (CX).

To foster customer relationships, businesses need to create a seamless, more impactful customer e-commerce and retail experience that will keep customers returning. Salve aims to improve the customer experience using what we call "frictionless" commerce, which is the idea that customers can do more browsing and buying with fewer inconveniences along the way. Regardless of where customers interact with a brand, online or in-store, their experience should be the same; fast, easy, consistent, and enjoyable.

CX refers to a customer's interactions and overall perception of a company, its products, and its services. A positive customer experience can increase customer loyalty, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and repeat business. In the past standard iframe e-commerce stores worked, but they will become less and less memorable as newer dispensaries leveraging headless CX options pop up and stand out.

Offline, there are many ways to improve customer experience, such as educating your staff, offering a variety of products, providing excellent customer support, and rewarding loyalty programs. At Salve, we work with dispensaries to create a unified experience regardless of how customers interact with their brands. Either online, on their phones, on a kiosk, in the store, or at a conference – the experience and brand ethos should be unified in looks and messaging.

In the past, creating multiple sales and distribution channels in various media formats, from touch-screen kiosks to mobile devices, would have meant more time management, oversight, and complexity. Not anymore. When the operation's data is centralized on Salve, operators can look at BI data to find what's selling, where, to whom, and at what price point and make decisions to expand, meeting the market where it is.

Salve's microservices platform enables business owners in regulated industries, like cannabis, to seamlessly revamp their operations and improve customer experience. Salve's platform provides businesses the tools to establish new customer relationships – and maintain existing ones – through a seamless commerce operation. Our front-end experience is entirely customizable, facilitating any order type, including pickup, in-store, and delivery. It's time to ditch those iframes to the curb!

And the best part? Your customer data belongs to you. Unlike other cannabis platform companies, at Salve, business owners have governance and insight into their businesses. That transparency into customer buying behavior gives companies leverage to meet consumer needs. By leveraging their data, companies can engage with customers and provide them with a more personal experience – from recommending new products to implementing targeted sales strategies.

Salve is dedicated to helping regulated businesses create impactful buying experiences that improve sales and retain customers. Reach out today to learn more!

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Niki Rogers

CEO / Co-Founder @Salve

Niki is a serial entrepreneur and cannabis enthusiast with a passion for storytelling through branding and UI/UX design.

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